Let’s dive into Review Harvest’s features

Integrate Seamlessly

We integrate with the software you are already using to run your business, so you don’t have to change a thing.

Automatically Send Personalized Images

In a world filled with noise, one thing still gets peoples attention... Their Name! We automatically send images with your customers names on them via text & email!

Automated Review Responses (Powered By AI)

Unlike other solutions out there this is a fully automated process (set-it and forget). We use AI to customize each response to the reviewer. No copy & Paste responses

Create, Schedule, & Post Social Media Content Automatically

Just Cause You Have Hundreds Of Five Star Reviews On Google Doesn’t Mean That Everyone On Social Media Knows How Awesome Your Business is! Let us take this off your plate!

Easy Referrals

Let your happy customers do the marketing for you! After they leave a review we can ask them to refer a friend with your custom referral offer!

Review Widgets

Make sure every visitor to your site knows how many raving customers you have! This review widget will update with new reviews automatically and increase the conversion rate on your site!

Chat Widget

Increase the conversion rate on your site, by giving your customers the option to text you! Collect more leads & close more deals!

How it works ?


Set-up Your Demo Call

We will take 20 minutes to learn about your business to ensure we can help!


Seamless Onboarding Process

We will walk you through a quick onboarding process to make sure you get set up right the first time.


Start Getting Reviews For Free

During your two week free trial we will launch our review reactivation bringing in a bunch of reviews before you pay a dime.


Outrank Your Competitors

While the reviews start pouring in so will inbound calls and leads from Google.


How does Review Harvest work?

We automate the process of requesting, responding, and repurposing google reviews for your business. We send personalized images via text and email with your end customers name on it. Then we respond to each review. Finally we repurpose all the 5 star reviews into social media content we create and post for you. The best part is we integrate into your current process so you don't have to change or do a thing!

Is Review Harvest compatible with all business types?

Yes, we can work with any type of business as long as the collect contact information from their clients.

Can I customize the review request messages?

Yes, we can discuss any customizations you would like to add. However we do have tested scripts that are proven to perform!

How do I integrate Review Harvest with my existing systems?

We integrate with over 6,000 other apps! Our goal is always to integrate seamlessly so you don't have to change a thing we just work in the background!

Is there a limit to the number of reviews I can collect with Review Harvest?

No, there is no limit to the number of reviews you can collect we have helped our clients get thousands of reviews! The amount of reviews you get is largely determined by how many customers you have helped, your industry, and their experience with your business!

What platforms does Review Harvest support for collecting reviews?

We can point review requests to Yelp, Angie, Facebook, and plenty other review platforms. However we recommend and prioritize Google Reviews due to the increase in local rankings on Google and all the other additional benefits! We think Google Reviews give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Are there any hidden fees associated with Review Harvest?

We are always open about our pricing. The only "hidden" fee is one we always share which is about the text & email expenses. To make pay per review, free trials, and simple pricing possible at Review Harvest we rebill the text and email expenses to you directly. We do not make any money on these expenses these are our hard costs that we can't do anything about. Our customers are very understanding of these since it is less that $5/month for most clients depending on customer volume.

How long does it take to set up Review Harvest for my business?

All you have to do is give us 30-40 minutes on an onboarding call and we take care of everything else!

Can I track the progress of my review collection efforts?

Yes, we provide analytics and reporting showing all the numbers related to your Google review process!

What happens if a customer leaves a negative review?

We take responding to negative reviews very seriously, approaching each one with kindness and a proactive attitude to make things right. Rest assured, we will always notify you when a negative review is received. However, it's important to note that negative reviews haven't been an issue for us. Out of the last 5,000 reviews we've received, the average rating is an impressive 4.987.

Does Review Harvest offer any reporting or analytics features?

Of course! We will show you how to log in and keep track of all your reviews and analytics!

Is there a minimum contract length for using Review Harvest?

Nope! We are easy to work with no long term contracts always month to month!

How does Review Harvest handle customer data and privacy?

We prioritizes customer data privacy and follow strict security measures. We never use the customer data for anything besides reaching out to request reviews on your behalf. We never share or sell any customer information!

Can Review Harvest help me respond to reviews?

Yes! We respond to your reviews for you! These are personalized responses that use the reviewer first name and the context from the review. This will end up saving you hours!

Can I use Review Harvest to collect reviews from past customers?

Yes, actually the first play in our playbook for a new customer is to reach out to all their previous customers for a "Review Reactivation" normally resulting in 10-20% of previous customers to leave a review!

What kind of support is available if I have questions or issues?

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us! We provide same day text & email support. If the issues is complex we will book a support call to get it sorted.

Can Review Harvest integrate with my CRM system?

There is a good chance we do! We integrate with over 6,000 other apps! Our goal is always to integrate seamlessly so you don't have to change a thing we just work in the background!

Are there any restrictions on the geographic location of my business to use Review Harvest?

No, there are no restrictions we can work with anyone anywhere.

How can Review Harvest help me improve my online reputation?

We help you collect positive reviews with our personalized image review requests, and increase trust among potential customers. As well as ranking higher on Google and standing out from the competition.